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Les Contes Revisitent :
Adaptation de la Reine des Neiges par Christian Hans Andersen

Résumé : Tout commença avec un miroir fabriqué par un troll.
[Livre Collection Promesse – 1983]

Histoire n°1 Le Miroir
Histoire n°2 Un petit garçon et une petite fille
Histoire n°3 le jardin fleuri de la femme qui s’entendait à la magie
Histoire n°4 Prince et Princesse
Histoire n°5 La petite fille de brigand
Histoire n°6 La Laponne et la Finnoise
Histoire n°7 Ce qui avait eu lieu au château de la Reine des neiges et ce qui eut lieu ensuite.

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[1st story] The Mirror

Now then, let us begin. When we are at the end of the story, we shall know more than we know now: but to begin. Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite, indeed he was the most mischievous of all sprites.

[2nd story] the little boy and the little girl

In a large town, where there are so many houses, and so many people, that there is no roof left for everybody to have a little garden;and where, on this account, most. persons are obliged to content themselves with flowers in pots; there lived two little children, who had a garden somewhat larger than a flower-pot.

[3rd story] Of the flower-garden…

But what became of little Gerda when Kay did not return? Where could he be? Nobody knew; nobody could give any intelligence. All the boys knew was, that they had seen him tie his sledge to another large and splendid one, which drove down the street and out of the town.

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