Green’s tales Origin

When I received my first Bebichhichi this year (from the Sekiguchi LTD) I got a flash of inspiration ! Why shouldn’ t tell littles stories with them ? I took pictures and I added to them some comic’s speech balloons… and they start living !

I published some littles stories on Facebook and in Monchhichi’s groups. They had a good feeback so I decide to create that website.

So this it it !

It’s a Start

Green Story is my first webcomic (or novel photo I don’t know the right word…)

Split in four parts, this main story starts with the begin of adventures of Green, a little red riding hood who is little mischievous in our world.

In the same time, I created some little stories with my other Bebichhichi and Monchhichi in funny adventures.

You can read them with the menu from the right.

Hush Hush Hush

Secrets of Filming :

  • Sceneries created with scrapbooking paper craft, backdrops/background for BJD doll,
  • Accessories : miniatures 12th scale, barbie, mini animator from Disney,
  • Spotslight
  • A car and a photocamera
  • And very important : little stones because they are very difficult to stay stand !

See you soon on a page…


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